Setting Up Productivity Controls with Sebastian Marshall

A few years ago Sebastian Marshall transitioned from earning money as a consultant to starting a charity, and along the way he has honed his productivity systems. Sebastian is the Founder of GiveGetWin.

Sebastian’s Background:

  • Worked as a consultant for tech companies
  • Specialized in profitability and executive development
  • Found creative projects to be more satisfying and started charity GiveGetWin

Productivity Controls:

  • Analyze your most productive days
  • Set your daily routine to imitate your most productive days
  • Center your work so that it is more exciting to you than unproductive pleasures

Reflective Control:

  • Firm off auto-pilot
  • High positive, high willpower state
  • Able to take action right then and there (physically healthy enough, enough glucose, space, time, etc.)
  • Reflective control is the most productive state to be in

High Level Mistakes:

  • Most businesses don’t have a one main thing they are optimizing for they have too many
  • Rush to implement new ideas without completing current tasks
  • Not slowing down and revisiting the on-boarding of systems

One Piece of Advice:

  • Proactively carve out time to reflect on assumptions of what was to happen on this project vs. what actually happened. This will give you a better understanding of your resources.


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