Scaling For Growth with Landon Ray

Ontraport began 10 years ago and following their three part model of start, systemize, and scale they have been able to sustain their growth at a rapid speed. Landon Ray is the CEO of Ontraport.

Landon’s Background:

  • Began as a top securities day trader
  • Founded Ontraport in 2006
  • Ontraport begins gaining traction in 2009

Ontraport’s Internal Systems:

  • Do things manually first
  • Then experiment and figure out what will work
  • If they hire somebody in an area that doesn’t have systems in place, their first job is to write the manual
  • Training program for how to write manuals, worksheets for writing them, and a process for reviewing them

Updating Processes:

  • When the process fails, breakdown why it fails
  • When an area of the business grows to be done by two people
  • When something new is learned
  • Department heads do deep dives to simplify

Molding Ontraport:

  • Ontraport’s entire recruiting process is automated through Ontraport
  • Some users are automating gifts, reminders, and love notes to his wife


  • Simplifying these complex marketing automation tools is the number one hurdle in the industry