Identifying Personality Patterns for Effective Sales Communication with Vinca Heart

Vinca Heart saw a huge shift in economic changes from before and after the Berlin wall fell. She wants to bring that kind of grassroots view to business. Vinca Heart specializes in coaching celebrity clientele.

Vinca’s Background:

  • Professional Pianist
  • Then became a politician helping bring down the Berlin Wall
  • Finally moved to the states from Germany and began her pursuit in business

Selling from the Stage:

  • People are looking for something fresh and filled with content
  • People need to feel tension in order to make a buying decision
  • Must have a transition from providing content to making an offer
  • You must address the vibe of the room because the audience feels it
  • Talk from the beginning about your offer and seed

Money Codes:

  • What are your fears around money?
  • Change your language depending on your prospect
  • Understand your own psychology and what you are comfortable with pitching


  • Different people have different personality patterns
  • If you identify the personality of a person, you can understand them and communicate to them.
  • According to Vinca there are 4 different personality patterns