How Using Live Chat Can Increase Sales 300% with Gary Tramer

In this episode we speak with Gary Tramer of Web Reception. Gary believes that 90-95% of web visitors don’t engage, meaning they don’t type in the contact form, email, sign up, or comment. So what exactly is going on with that 90-95%? Listen to the podcast to find out! Gary Tramer is the Co-Founder of Web Reception.

  • Started Face to Face Global, a company that trains door to door sales.
  • In his experience, the product doesn’t matter as much as likability and trust.
  • Started Search Words in 2009, a local SEO business.
  • Even though there were Search Words customers who were page 1 on Google, they were not satisfied, because their traffic couldn’t convert. This lead Gary to start Web Reception.

Critical Features of Live Chat:

  • Proactive invitational chat – huge statistical difference between having the user click “chat now” and a service rep popping up
  • Start a conversation “I’m sorry to disturb, just letting you know that I’m here if you need anything”
  • Chat should traverse across the webpage
  • Identify main things: Name, phone number, email, best time to contact.

Getting Their Information:

  • When they ask a question, “Good question, may I first ask for you name?”
  • Email: “In case we get cut off can I get your email address?”
  • When they bring up their issue: “Brilliant question, let me get one of our experts to contact you” – phone number, best time to contact

Soften Your Requests:

  • Always address their question
  • Any response that you provide gets ended with a question
  • Asking them for the best time to contact them is less invasive than asking for an email
  • Don’t be too aggressive, you don’t want them to give you a fake email


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