How to Create Systems and Processes in Your Business With Owen Enaohwo

In this episode we speak with Owen McGab Enaohwo of Sweet Process. Owen breaks down the steps to creating a system in your business so you can maximize the value of your company. Owen McGab Enaohwo is the Community Engagement Officer at Virtual Assistant Hiring Tips and Sweet Process.


  • Owen current runs a virtual assistant agency that he has started since 2006.
  • Realized there has to be a way to document procedures and repetitive tasks.
  • Was interviewed by Mixergy where he met Jervis Whitley a co-founder of Sweet Process.
  • While doing user research he met Brian Casel, another co-founder, who at the time was also looking to build a way to document processes for his design agency.


  • Rather than document the actions of your entire business, start by looking at what is the biggest bottleneck of your time.
  • Delegate that biggest bottleneck to a member of your team.
  • Move onto the next biggest bottleneck, document it, and delegate to another member of your team.
  • Repeat this until your entire business is documented.


  • Empower teammates by asking them to look at your steps and eliminate useless steps.
  • Incentivize teammates to help by knowing what motivates
  • Outline decision points, and map out the steps of each scenario.