How Justin Cooke Started Monetizing His Podcasts

In this episode we speak with Justin Cooke of Adsense Flippers and Empire Flippers. We chat about his early days running an outsourcing business in the Philippines and how he got success monetizing his niche sites and podcasts. Justin Cooke is the creator of Empire Flippers, a marketplace to buy pre-made websites.


Justin begins telling us about his journey starting his outsourcing business in the Philippines. He needed a way to keep his agents busy when his clients dropped and the most profitable use of his agents time was building niche sites. Within these sites, Justin took a different approach to content creation and began podcasting.

Justin’s approach is to provide the best content for free to gain exposure rather than charging for content. He found that this approach trumped the corporate approach he took with his outsourcing business, and with his niche sites gaining lots of success, Justin began to sell websites.


  • Blog Posts drive more traffic but pod-casts create a more engaged audience
  • Break down your business into individual parts and you can make a product out of your services
  • Tag previous clients to offer specials (Justin offers his previous customers first dibs to new sites he’s selling)