Getting Sales Conversations Using Linkedin with Karen Yankovich

Karen is a social media marketer and Linkedin strategist who specializes in conversational marketing. She is an expert at traditional conversational marketing, but found it more effective to apply social networking online.

Karen’ Background:

  • Corporate Sales, mostly IT related from the sales end
  • While doing consulting, clients began asking about social media
  • Her approach to online marketing is the same way she approaches live marketing: conversational and friendly

High Level Context:

  • Linkedin is so highly integrated with Google, your Linkedin search results come up.
  • Marketing is more personal now, and Linkedin is where you brand yourself
  • Profile should be full of attention grabbing headlines

Linkedin Profile:

  • Like a sales page
  • Profile tells the world why you’re so great, so put everything on there
  • Trust and openness is the mindset to have on Linkedin

Simple Formula (30 Minutes):

  • Check out newsfeed: share, like, comment
  • Check recommended connections
  • Go into groups and utilize Geographic Groups
  • Look for your ideal groups
  • Post updates as if it were Facebook
  • Publish on Linkedin

Things to keep in mind:

  • Recommendations is the power behind Linkedin
  • Be active in groups
  • Sort connections by recency and message them
  • Start a group –> email box once a week