Database Marketing with Dan Faggella

Dan Faggella began his entrepreneurial pursuits by starting a mixed martial arts gym. He started his gym in a small city of 8000 people and because of the small market, needed to use automation to make the most of his conversions. Dan Faggella is the Founder of CLV Boost.

Where he sees mistakes being made:

  • Anybody using mail chimp
  • Make sure that the opt-in is tagged specifically for the target
  • Putting leads into the freight-train automation

Putting people into the right bucket:

  • Targeting and rotating offers based on lead source, demographic info, and everything else you know about them
  • Make sure that some tags that are borderline universal, and some tags that are very specific.
  • Have preordained sets of tags and saved searches that are inclusive

Getting started with database marketing:

  • Have richness in the database: knowing the attributes of your leads list
  • Aim to never do a list blast, use the data points from your lead source
  • Make the subject line and call to action based on these data points

Engage with folks who are getting stale:

  • Basics: show empathy “did something happen?”
  • Hitting a dry segment of your list with a super targeted piece of content

Piece of advice to take home:

  • Have criterion to separate your lead into seven categories in your opt-in/squeeze button.