Converting from Paid Traffic with Charles Kirkland

Many years ago friends laughed at Charles Kirkland for starting a website, but within two months he began netting $10k per month from online sales. After quickly learning from Google’s changes, Charles Kirkland focuses on paid traffic because paid traffic and consistent and manageable. Charles Kirkland runs the Media Buyer Association.

Charles’ Background:

  • First job was a $7.25 an hour
  • Focused on getting traffic with SEO
  • Google changed its algorithm and Charles switched paid traffic
  • Became one of Clickbank’s top 150 affiliates

Warm Traffic vs Cold Traffic:

  • Warm traffic are the people have already heard of you
  • Cold traffic are the people don’t know you and haven’t seen you
  • You have to have consistency with Cold traffic
  • When you get cold traffic you have to warm them up as quickly as possible


  • The ad shows your picture, the content shows you picture, and so does the sales page
  • If they haven’t bought from you they haven’t made the connection
  • They have to believe in you to buy from you
  • Push hard to sell the front end, if they don’t have a connection with you, they will consume someone else’s content


  • Your content is created to sell your product
  • Warm your lead from every angle
  • Selling the front end $7 is not a function of whether the lead can afford it, but if the lead likes you enough to give you $7
  • Always stay on track with the lead, the minute the lead thinks “I can’t see myself doing this” is the minute they tune you out.