Automation for eCommerce in 2014 and Beyond with Ezra Firestone

In this episode we speak with Ezra Firestone of Smart Marketer. Ezra’s experience in multiple industries as well as his expertise in e-commerce can guide us on how automation can work for multiple models. Ezra Firestone is the Founder of Smart Marketer.

Ezra’s Background:

  • Has a variety of e-commerce and content marketing businesses.
  • Shares his marketing research on his blog.
  • Began his automation journey by tagging customers on his e-commerce sites.

E-Commerce Marketing:

  • Intelligently follow up with buyers and leads
  • Marketing is communicating with a group of people about topics and conversations that are relevant to their lives
  • Physical product businesses are moving toward subscription based delivery
  • Tagging clients with the content they engage with

Cart Management:

  • You can pick up 25% of your cart abandonment with a seven day sequence
  • Email is huge for cart abandonment
  • 2 step sequence is not necessary because carts now include email before checkout, and it dynamically saves
  • Put focus on lead generation, rather than try to hit the day 1 sale on eCommerce sites.
    • This is the main mistake that eCommerce sites are making

More Insights:

  • Drop shipping will be harder as the years come
  • The shopping cart and the product is just the front end of something more holistic.
  • 3rd contact response marketing
    • contextual marketing: you have more basis for the context of the prospect because you have more data points.
  • Channel Marketing is the future.
    • You must have your own brand, your own platform.
    • You have to engage your prospect in ways that Amazon can’t