Automated Webinars with Geoff Ronning

Geoff is a stage hypnotist who got so good at stage hypnosis he started teaching other hypnotists through webinars. Since then he’s become an expert at utilizing webinars and creating automatic webinars that allow him to share his expertise.

Geoff’s Background:

  • As a child he was into the power of the mind and marketing
  • Began his career performing stage hypnosis
  • With his success he began giving webinars to other hypnotists
  • Grew tired of giving the same webinar so automated this
  • Gained traction with his automated webinar business very quickly

Benefits of Automated Webinars:

  • Gives the best webinar performance to your viewer
  • Saves time and energy
  • If we present it as live, it increases consumption
  • Chat replay gives full control over the chat

Running a Webinar Campaign:

  • Be the opposite of a hard pitch fest
  • Figure out the person in your webinar that you want to convert
  • Its easier to get cold traffic to consume something right away than it is for them to come back
  • Put re-targeting codes so that people who don’t convert will be sent back again